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Instructions for using the Planning & Development Department's Citizen Access Portal for Building
  This document includes all of the information needed to use the portal including scheduling inspections, looking up inspector names, and finding older projects.

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Instructions for Submitting Utility Applications

Please contact us at 813-274-3100 or for questions.      

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Search for Records

All search criteria entered must match the record data. If the search criteria is not entered correctly, the record will not be found.

For example, the record number must be entered in the following format, BLD-14-0000001. If you are unsure of the formatting of the data, please use the Record Type drop-down and Start and End dates to search for the record.

To search for an address, enter only the Street No. and Street Name.

The % sign works as a wild card search. For example, if you only know the last part of your record number you can use the % sign. %123456% will return all records with 123456 in the number.

Click on Search once the criteria has been entered or selected.

General Search

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